LED Light Rejuvenation

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LED light therapy can achieve a marked improvement in acne symptoms and severity. We use a combination of blue, red and infrared light therapy to treat adolescent and adult acne and associated scarring.

When the skin is exposed to the blue light, a chemical reaction occurs which kills acne-causing bacteria. The red light increases circulation and reduces inflammation within the skin, resulting in quicker healing of acne lesions and reduction of redness. Infrared LED also promotes healing and provides pain relief, and is used after some of the more intensive treatments, such as laser resurfacing. Our LED light rejuvenation treatments are easy to administer, painless and free of side effects. In more severe acne cases, we may recommend photodynamic therapy, a more aggressive anti-acne treatment involving a topical preparation, combined with LED light therapy.

Recommended treatments: 8 to 10 sessions, twice weekly.