Skin & Body

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We always encourage our clients to be their own kind of beautiful, but if you do have concerns about a particular cosmetic issue, we can help you to achieve the look you’re after. Southern Cosmetics offer a range of cosmetic and medical treatments relating to the skin and body.

Non-Surgical Chin Reduction

Say farewell to your second chin with our injectable chin reduction treatments. This simple procedure destroys fat cells forever!

Tattoo Removal

Sick of that “permanent” reminder from your past? We can remove unwanted tattoos with our Pastelle Q-Switched Laser.

Permanent Makeup

Thanks to us, you’ll never have to bother with eyeliner or lip-liner again! Discover more about our permanent makeup.

Fungal Nail Infection Treatments

We can help you get rid of problematic fungal nail infections once and for all with our Laser Genesis machine.

Wart Treatments

If your warts are resisting other treatments, we may be able to help. Discover how our Nd:Yag Laser works.

Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Removing skin tags, moles, warts and other benign skin lesions is easy with our help, using our AcuSect radiofrequency device.

Leg Vein Treatments

Our sclerotherapy and laser leg vein treatments achieve phenomenal results when it comes to getting rid of leg veins.

Body Sculpting & Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Target unwanted pockets of fat and skin laxity thanks to our revolutionary Cooltech and TightSculpt machines.