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Synergie Skincare

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Synergie Skincare

Synergie skin is a cosmeceutical skincare range formulated to create a biological and visible change in the skin. With over fifty products, ranging from active serums to moisturisers, Synergie Skin offers a range that is expertly tailored for your skin concerns.

Synergie believes in the importance of a targeted skincare routine. From acne to hyperpigmentation, they have made it their mission to create products that address all skin concerns and make you feel truly wonderful in your skin at every age.

Synergie Practitioner is a doctor-only product range comprising of the ‘Specialist Seven’ – a collection of key cosmeceuticals taken from the Synergie Skin Range, with formulas containing higher dosages of active ingredients and additional potent active ingredients. The Synergie Practitioner range offers the patients a step up from the Synergie Skin range.


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