After several months of grade 1 home schooling and juggling a bored, emotional three-nager, my eyes are definitely feeling the effects of COVID.

Tiredness, stress and, truth be told, one or two Pinots are contributing to a downward trend in upper eyelid elasticity as rapid as Melbourne corona case numbers of late (GO MELBS!).

Since our peepers are the prominent public facing facial feature for the foreseeable, I grabbed nurse Felicity last Friday and we had a jolly good go at reversing the effects of 2020.

We used our Fotona Erbium Yag laser to do a treatment called Smooth Eye. This is an ablative (skin – vaporising; think crusty peely down – time) laser on a non-ablative (non – skin vaporising i.e. minimal down time) setting to heat deep in the dermis, promote collagen production and tighten my forlorn eyelids.

With a spot of numbing cream the treatment was quite comfortable. It just felt a bit warm. The ocular shields (worn inside the eyelid – eek!) felt a bit strange at first but meant that Felicity could safely treat all the way over the lid and right up under my eye, which is not achievable with most other laser treatments.

Afterwards I was a bit hot, red and tingly, but the kids weren’t too scared when I got home so clearly I didn’t look too unusual for a Friday afternoon. I used cool face washers to soothe the area that evening but it was really fine.

The next day my eyes were very mildly tender to touch and still a little pink but this covered easily with mineral make-up and was completely gone within 48 hours.

On day 4 I woke up feeling dry as a moth’s wing and looking about 100 years old as the treated skin was a bit puffy and crinkly. Later in the day it started to shed in fine scales like dandruff – I looked GORGEOUS – but luckily this didn’t last long.

By Day 6 everything had resolved and I was really surprised at the difference in my skin already. The peeling has left my eye area indeed feeling smooth (hence the name) and there is a definite lift in the brow which I wasn’t expecting to see so quickly.

As a bit of a Brucey bonus a few freckles that were lurking around my lower orbit have lightened up, making my under – eye area look less shadowy.

To get the full effect I’ll have another two sessions, about 6 weeks apart, and will probably fully see the fruits of Felicity’s labour in about 6 months time, which is how long it takes for collagen to do it’s thing and re-model.

The treatment can be tailored to the severity of skin laxity around the eyes, so is suitable for those wanting to ward off the first signs of ageing, right through to more mature skin with visible drooping and wrinkles.

Since you can wear your mask throughout this procedure, the great news is that you can book for a treatment very soon!

We’re so thrilled with the results we’re seeing, so watch this space for some epic treatment packages coming soon….

Before treatment

Immediately after

Day 2-a little bit of make-up and no-one was any the wiser

Day 4-not my finest look!

Day 7-pretty happy with results so far.

Dawn Collado, Dermal Therapist and Home School teacher!