When it comes to Fathers’ Day, anyone can give their dad tools or socks. Why not treat your dad to something completely different this year? Blow him away with some pamper time, courtesy of us! We can assure you that blokes drop in all the time – they just don’t broadcast it!

For the dry dad

Your dad need not be a die-hard fan of Enya to enjoy one of our fabulous facial treatments! Forget about mud and cucumbers – many of our facials involve the use of revolutionary laser machines and chemical peels that are not for the faint-hearted. When your dad leaves the treatment, he will feel 100% relaxed, while his masculinity will be 100% intact.

At Southern Cosmetics, we offer a range of facials and dermal therapies, which you can browse on our website. If you’re unsure which treatment would be best for your dad, please give us a call and we’ll happily provide advice. Remember, real men get facials!

For the fuzzy father

Ok, we admit our laser hair removal treatments might not be quite as indulgent as a facial, but a little manscaping could potentially make mum really happy. That, in turn, could make ol’ dad super happy too, if you know what we mean (wink, wink).

We offer two types of hair removal solutions: IPL or Fotona’s Nd:YAG laser system. Either way, your dad could achieve 80-90% permanent hair reduction. Say goodbye to hairy backs, gorilla-like forearms and tufty knuckles and say hello to a brand new, super smooth contemporary gentleman!

For the old man who likes to overindulge

If your dad is rockin’ an adorable dad bod, we have the solution: non-surgical fat reduction treatments. We can’t give dad a James Bond six-pack for Fathers’ Day, but we can help him annihilate unwanted packets of fat with our revolutionary Cooltech machine. It works by using a scientifically proven cooling process called ‘cool assisted lipolysis’ to target fat cells permanently, without damaging the surrounding tissue. No needles, no incisions, no downtime and no garments! Walt Disney eat your heart out!

We’d love to make your dad feel special this Fathers’ Day, so please book him in for a treatment. Our clinic is super discreet, and you can even make a joint appointment if you think he’d feel more comfortable. How about a 21st century gift for a 21st century dad – one that will help him feel happier, healthier and more confident? Give us a call today!

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