Has shutdown got you missing your regular treatments? Perhaps you are still using all your active skincare diligently but starting to feel like it’s just not enough to give you that glow we all love and crave.

I hear you. Nothing replaces amazing effects of an in clinic treatment.

But there is a way to give your skin a boost without having a treatment.

Home rolling.

Now pricking your face with lots of tiny needles can sound a bit scary, but it’s actually designed to increase the effectiveness of your skincare!

This is different from microneedling or collagen induction therapy (CIT) performed in clinics. A homeroller uses short and tiny needles, usually about 0.25mm in length. Professional in clinic devices can achieve up to 3mm in depth. The shorter length of the needles in homerollers do not penetrate deep enough to reach the pain receptors in the skin so they cause very little trauma to the skin and little to no discomfort.

How does dermal rolling improve the action of my skincare?

As you move the dermal roller over your face it creates tiny little channels in the outer layer of your skin. These channels allow your skin care (especially serums) to be more easily absorbed into the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate directly into the target zone. Using a homeroller increases penetration of active ingredients by up to 40x more effectively than simply massaging the serum directly into your skin. Regular use aids the treatment of pigmentation and improves the skin’s overall skin tone and texture. Homerolling is also great for areas such as the neck, chest and backs of hands.

How do you use a home roller?

After cleansing, divide the face into sections (left cheek, right cheek, chin, forehead etc) roll the home roller over your skin in a star pattern working back and forth 3-4 times in each direction. Making sure not to forget your upper lip, nose and under eye area. You can under the eyes up to the lash line treating horizontally in this area. Once you have completed your whole face apply your serums as normal.
Home rolling can be performed daily but it is best to start 1-2 days a week and slowly increase. Minimal pressure is required. If it hurts you are pushing too hard. Rinse your roller after each use. Clean with a toothbrush and a gentle antibacterial solution. Allow to dry and store in a clean container.

Is a home roller right for me?

Home rolling is not recommended for sensitive skins or skins with conditions such as rosacea or acne.

Can home rolling help scarring?

Yes, it can however for best results professional in clinic treatment is required.

Our Tips:

We love combining homerolling with morning serums for the ultimate anti-aging combination.

You cal also use your morning serums and the home roller on your d├ęcolletage to help reduce wrinkles and sun damage in this area.

Tegan Alexander, Dermal Therapist