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Cosmetic Injectables: Looking Natural not Unnatural

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Well placed dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can look amazing. You’ve probably seen good ‘work’ a hundred times, but because it’s done with skill and precision, you probably didn’t even notice. Here’s what injectables can do to keep you looking your best and, of course, natural. Anti-wrinkle injections: Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax muscles….

What is Filler Fatigue?

Filler Fatigue

What is Filler Fatigue? Filler fatigue is a term associated with the repeated use of filler injections over an extended period.  With time, patients feel the filler is no longer giving them the results they had previously. Filler fatigue can be likened to filling a brand new balloon with as much air as possible, releasing…

Dermal Filler Do’s & Don’ts

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Considering dermal fillers? Dermal filler is a highly effective way of restoring facial volume and youthfulness. However, there are some things to consider that will help you achieve long-lasting, natural results. Dermal Filler Do’s: Make sure you choose the right practitioner for you: When selecting the right practitioner remember, just because a practitioner offers injectables,…

“Pep up” your skincare with Peptides

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What are peptides and what can they do for your skin? It can get really overwhelming when shopping for skincare products, it feels like new ‘must have’ ingredients are popping up everyday. But peptides continue to increase in popularity as the current anti-ageing superhero. Peptides are essentially short chains of amino acids that make up…