Top cosmetic myths debunked

Cosmetic Myths Debunked

Cosmetic procedures are no longer just for celebrities and the wealthy. Australia recently became the biggest customer of beauty treatments in the world, overtaking the United States. Cosmetic injections and dermal fillers are the most popular, with Aussies spending around $350 million on these treatments last year. Despite this, many people believe false information and myths about these procedures. To set the record straight, here are 7 common myths (and the facts) about cosmetic treatments.

Myth 1: Anyone can perform anti-ageing treatments

When you pay for a cosmetic treatment, you are paying for the therapist’s expertise, not just the product. To get the best results, make sure you go to a reputable cosmetic and medical centre. Our anti-ageing injections and dermal fillers are only administered by qualified doctors, making us one of the most sought-after providers of cosmetic injections in Melbourne.

Myth 2: Cosmetic injections make you look plastic and unable to show facial expressions

Injectable treatments can affect the facial muscles, so if administered in the wrong location or if too much is used, a “frozen” look can occur. However, at Southern Cosmetics our philosophy is gradual and minimal cosmetic enhancement to produce the most natural results possible. You will look refreshed as if you’ve just come back from a holiday, not as if you’ve had obvious work done! Procedures are done with the utmost care and are appropriately spaced out to ensure you look revitalised and natural.

Myth 3: Ageing is genetic and can’t be prevented

Whilst your genes certainly play a role, so does your environment and your lifestyle. This includes managing stress, diet, exercise and of course your skin care regime. Southern Cosmetics offer a range of safe and effective anti-ageing treatments that can help slow the signs of ageing.

Myth 4: All moisturisers help prevent ageing

Moisturising is important, but hydrated skin can still age. Moisture can create a “plumper” appearance which may temporarily mask fine lines, but to prevent ageing you need products with active anti-ageing ingredients. Talk to one of our therapists to discuss the products and treatments that will work for you.

Myth 5: Our procedures are only for mature clients

We see clients of all ages, from teenagers to older adults who want to enhance their natural beauty and youthfulness. We offer a range of treatments suitable for any age, so it’s never too soon or too late to start taking great care of your skin. Contact Southern Cosmetics today to start reaping the benefits of a tailored treatment plan from our expert cosmetic physicians and therapists.

Myth 6: We only treat women

While most of our clientele are women, we do treat men as well! Treatments that are popular with men include anti-ageing injections and laser treatments. There is a growing trend of men getting “bro-tox” as part of their general self-care or before a big event such as a wedding. In fact, 1 in 10 anti-ageing treatments are performed on males, with this number rapidly increasing.

Myth 7: Cosmetic injections and dermal fillers are painful

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, however most clients don’t describe the sensation as painful, but rather a slight pinching feeling. The needles we use are so thin that some people don’t feel any discomfort at all. If you are concerned about pain, talk to one of our therapists about options to avoid discomfort.

We hope we’ve helped address any fears you may have about undergoing one of our safe and effective treatments. If you want to know more about any of our treatments, book onlinegive us a call or drop by.

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