What is Filler Fatigue?

Filler Fatigue

What is Filler Fatigue?
Filler fatigue is a term associated with the repeated use of filler injections over an extended period.  With time, patients feel the filler is no longer giving them the results they had previously. Filler fatigue can be likened to filling a brand new balloon with as much air as possible, releasing the air, refilling the balloon once more and releasing the air again. In the end, the balloon is not going to be as tight and taut as when it was brand new, and never filled.

Is Filler Fatigue Really a Thing?
Many practitioners believe that filler fatigue is a myth. This is because filler treatments do not cause the skin to become lax because filler typically plumps the skin and the hyaluronic acid stimulates the body to produce new collagen, so often the skin quality is improved after a filler treatment. I believe an exception to this may be overfilled lips, particularly in young patients who repeatedly get their lips plumped up to an unnatural size- I strongly advise patients to avoid this as much as possible.


There can be a point with age where traditional hyaluronic acid  filler treatments aren’t fully correcting or providing the result patients have previously achieved. Many patients think adding more and more filler will be the solution, but it can actually leave a patient looking worse and “overfilled”.

1. Biostimulators:

Biostimulators are similar to a traditional filler treatment, but they work differently to hyaluronic acid fillers. When injected into hollow areas of the face, biostimulators promote collagen production to restore lost volume. Biostimulators are a good option for patients with more extensive volume loss who are looking for something that will add a reasonable amount  of volume and still look natural.

Biostimulators typically need 2 to 3 treatments, and then maintenance treatment once a year to maintain collagen growth.

2. Surgical Options
There are some filler patients that are better candidates for surgery. A patient who has really deep nasolabial folds,  significant jowls, or prominent volume loss may be a  better candidate for fat injections with or without a procedure that lifts and tightens, such as facelift or eyelid surgery. At Southern Cosmetics, we only perform non-surgical aesthetic treatments, but we are happy to provide a referral to a local Plastic Surgeon if we believe you are a better candidate for surgery.

3. Choose a Conservative Provider

In my opinion, this is critical. Unfortunately many practitioners will give patients what they ask for, rather than performing a full assessment and developing a treatment plan. This plan may include skincare, fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and other modalities such as laser, radiofrequency or Ultraformer skin tightening. Fillers cannot address all ageing related changes in the skin, so it is important to consider other modalities.

To avoid looking “overfilled”, research providers who are on the conservative side and are known for providing natural-looking results. A provider with a heavy hand can cause someone to look very unnatural and you could end up losing your individual facial identity. Look at before and after photos to get an idea of the practitioners results, and look for a provider with a lot of experience with fillers, as this will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. When choosing to undergo a treatment with dermal fillers sometimes “Less is More”.