Pigmentation, Melasma & Sun Damage

Unwanted facial pigmentation and melasma (brown, tan, or blue-gray spots) can occur in people of all ages. Causes of pigmentation issues include sun exposure, acne and acne scarring, hormonal changes such as pregnancy and the oral contraceptive pill, and some medications and skincare agents.

Pigmentation can be treated with topical prescription brightening agents, medical-grade skincare, chemical peels, laser and light-based therapies (photo-rejuvenation).

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Topical agents that help reduce pigmentation include Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Retinols (Vitamin A), and specific lightening agents such as plant extracts and peptides. Our Synergie range contains agents that help with pigmentation. In addition, we can make up a pigmentation serum utilising active ingredients from Universkin – link to dedicated page

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Chemical Peels

Pigmentation can often be successfully treated with a series of chemical peels. Our Dermal Therapist will assess your skin, and then develop a tailored regimen of peels which are usually performed every two to four weeks.

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IPL Photo-rejuvenation

Photo-rejuvenation is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment using intense pulsed light (IPL) that will restore skin to a clearer, more youthful state. Energy that is delivered into the skin in this way can effectively and simultaneously treat a wide range of conditions including visible capillaries, cherry angioma, poikiloderma, sunspots, freckles, age spots, mottled pigmentation and sun damage.

Photo-rejuvenation is a great stand-alone treatment or can be combined with other therapies to achieve optimal results, for example alternating with microdermabrasion, skin peels, anti-ageing injectables and, importantly, continual use of medical-grade skincare at home.

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Laser skin toning

Southern Cosmetics offer laser toning and spot treatments for pigment-related conditions such as freckles, sunspots, birthmarks and melasma. Using our Pastelle Q-Switched Laser, we can effectively tone and rejuvenate the skin, remodel the skin’s collagen layer and improve overall texture. During the treatment, ultra-short bursts of energy are delivered to your skin and disrupt the pigment-containing cells within, leading to fading and clearing of the treatment area.

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