Facials and Dermal Therapies

At Southern Cosmetics, we offer a range of medi-facials, chemical peels, facial infusions and galvanic facials to help ward off the signs of aging and truly nourish your skin. We also provide skin analyses and skincare advice, so that you can keep up the good work at home.

Medi-facials are facials that use medical grade skincare ingredients, but usually do not cause the skin to flake or peel. They are generally milder than chemical peels, but they will still improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Chemical peels exfoliate by using substances such as alpha-hydroxy acids (fruit acids) or beta-hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) to help improve the skin’s appearance. There is little or no discomfort and minimal downtime. Stronger peels may cause mild redness and peeling.

Recommended treatments: Usually a series of peels is required, and peels can be combined with microdermabrasion, laser treatment, and cosmetic injectable treatments.

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