Fat Dissolving Injections

Non-surgical chin reductions

Southern Cosmetics was one of the first clinics in Australia to offer this safe, non-surgical solution for those looking to get rid of their “double chin” or submental fat. Consisting of a series of injections, this is a fast and effective way of removing stubborn deposits of fat for a more contoured jawline and neck profile.

Comprised of a substance called Deoxycholic Acid, which is found in the body in bile acids and breaks down the fat in our diet, this product is administered by a series of small injections into the area below the chin. Once injected, it destroys the fat cells, and they never return!

Most women and men can be treated with impressive results. If you have a pocket of fat under your chin which can be “pinched” between the fingers, it can usually be treated. Results vary depending on the size of your submental fat (double chin) and how much loose skin is present.

After the treatment, there is some swelling which can last for a few days. Some patients also experience transient numbness and bruising in the treated area.

Recommended treatments: Two to three treatments, with results visible within six to eight weeks. The amount of product and the number of treatments required varies depending on the amount of fat, anatomy, and desired aesthetic outcome.

How much do fat dissolving injections cost?

Fat dissolving injection treatments range between $1,315 – $2,500 depending on the individual treatment plan. You will be provided with a full quote during your consultation.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs – complete our online enquiry form for further information on fat dissolving injections or call us during office hours – 9533 1100.

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