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Radiofrequency Rejuvenation Package

Now $ 1950

Usually $2200!

The Secret Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation system treats wrinkles, scarring and skin laxity, but with minimal downtime, so it can be your  little”Secret”

  • 3 x Secret RF treatments- The Secret RF device combines the benefits of microneedling with deep heating radiofrequency to aid in collagen stimulation and tightening, and wrinkle and scar reduction.
  • 3 x LED light treatment- When combined with red light LED there are enhanced results and rapid healing.
  • With a bonus Osmosis Stem Factor serum for a complete anti-ageing program.
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Light Relief (LED) Package

Now $ 500

Usually $740

The light relief package is a combination of in-clinic LED treatments with a bonus home LED device to augment and maintain your results.
There are 2 options for the LED home care device:
1. Acne Light-Blue/Red light – to control acne-causing bacteria and aid healing
2. Wrinkle/Rejuvenation Light – Red light to stimulate blood flow and aid skin rejuvenation.

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Clear and Rejuvenate Package (Adult Acne)

Now $ 1250

Usually $1800!

For those with blemish prone skin who may also have scarring or ageing concerns.
This package consists of:

  • 3 medical grade peels to fight and control blemishes,
  • 3 LED light treatments to promote healing and repair,
  • 3 Laser genesis skin rejuvenation treatments to promote collagen production to aid in the treatment of scarring and general skin ageing.
  • 2 custom made Universkin treatment serums adjusted for your particular skin concerns.
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Clear Skin Package (Adult Acne)

Now $ 950

Usually $1200!

For those with blemish-prone skin of any age
This package consists of:

  • 6 medical grade peels to fight and control acne
  • 6 LED light treatments to promote healing and relieve inflammation.
  • 2 custom made Universkin treatment serums adjusted for your particular skin concerns.
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Cooltech Special

Now $ 750

Usually $950!

All Cooltech treatments are currently reduced.

So whether you’ve been thinking about cryolipolysis for a while, or you’ve stacked on the kilos in Isolation now is the time to try our easy and comfortable fat freezing treatments.

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Redness Relief Package

Now $ 990

Usually $1200!

Combat redness from any cause, including rosacea, sun damage or sensitive skin!

  • 3 x LaserGenesis Skin Rejuvenation Treatments (performed every four weeks, with no downtime!)
  • 3 x Red Light LED Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.
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Pigment Buster Package

Now $ 1400

Usually $1680!

Say goodbye to unwanted pigmentation and melasma!

  • 6 x Laser Toning Treatments using the Pastelle Q Switch Laser (performed every two to four weeks).
  • 1 x ASAP Radiance Serum (Peninsula)
  • OR 1 x Universkin Pigmentation serum (Sandringham)
  • Little or no downtime

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Blemish Control Package (Teen Acne)

Now $ 750

Usually $900!

Our acne management treatments are tailored to your specific concerns!

  • 6 x Acne Peels (may include steam sessionsand extractions with your peels)
  • 6 x Red Light LED Treatments
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