Body Sculpting & Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

What is Body Sculpting and Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

Body Sculpting and Non-Surgical Fat Reduction involves helping patients to shed unwanted pockets of fat and achieve tighter-looking skin without surgery. What’s great about these procedures is that they are non-invasive. Unlike traditional surgical fat reduction treatments, you won’t end up with nasty scars and there’s no risk of infection. You simply let us know which area you want to shape and tone and let us work our magic!

What type of Body Sculpting and Non-Surgical Fat Reduction treatments do you offer at Southern Cosmetics?

We offer Cooltech™ for body contouring; and fat dissolving injections.


This is one of our most popular treatments at Southern Cosmetics! The revolutionary, non-invasive Cooltech™ machine effectively removes pockets of fat, without the pain or risks associated with traditional fat-reduction treatments. It’s clinically proven to be a safe and effective means of achieving full body contouring and fat reduction. If you have any stubborn pockets of fat around the waist, thighs, flank, knees, buttocks or chin, this could be the treatment for you!

How does the Cooltech™ non-surgical fat reduction treatment work?

Using a scientifically proven cooling process called ‘cool assisted lipolysis’, the Cooltech™ system targets fat cells permanently, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The device has several applicators, so we can target and sculpt different areas of the body. There are no needles, no incisions, no downtime and no garments!

So, what’s involved?

During the treatment, the area being treated is covered with a cool gel pad. The Cooltech™ applicator sucks the fat tissue into the cooling system using a vacuum, then cools the tissue down using temperatures of between 3ºC and 8 ºC. This controlled freezing process destroys fat cells, which are then metabolised by the body.

Who is this fat reduction treatment suitable for?

Cooltech™ is suitable for individuals with specific areas of fat they’d like to target. The technology is designed to treat localised pockets of fat, rather than being an all-over weight loss solution. Having said that, patients of all shapes and sizes can transform their figure with Cooltech™. Please book in for a consultation and we’ll explain whether Cooltech can help you reach your goals.

How does this fat reduction treatment feel?

A Cooltech™ treatment is relatively painless and no anaesthetic is required. As the Cooltech™ applicator sucks the fat tissue into the cooling system, you may experience a tugging sensation. However, it’s not overly uncomfortable at all.

After the treatment, your skin may look raised, red and lumpy, but this should subside relatively quickly. Gently massaging the area will help break down the fatty tissue and assist with lymphatic drainage.

When will you notice a change?

After one treatment, patients can expect to see 20% – 30% fat reduction in the treated area. Results can be seen in as little as 15 days after the first treatment, with more dramatic results visible after eight weeks.

How many sessions are usually required?

Most patients require one to two sessions per area. These sessions are performed eight weeks apart. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform three treatments on an area.

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