Hay Fever Treatment

What is botulinum toxin hay fever treatment & how does it work?

Botulinum toxin is an effective temporary treatment to help prevent symptoms by blocking the nerve endings in the nasal passage and reducing inflammation.

This hay fever treatment that has proven to significantly reduce hay fever symptoms or even completely resolve symptoms in some cases.

What is the treatment process?

The product is sprayed into each nostril using an atomiser designed specifically for the nasal passage. No needles or injections are required. The treatment is quick, pain free and highly successful.

Most patients report either a heavy reduction or full relief from their symptoms.

What are the benefits of botulinum toxin hay fever treatment over other hay fever treatments?

Botulinum toxin treatments provide long-term relief without the need to take a daily hay fever medication especially during the spring and summer months when airborne grass pollens are most prevalent.

It is recommended that patients undergo treatment at the start of the season before symptoms fully arise which allows the treatment to kick in. Results from botulinum toxin hay fever treatment are not permanent. Treatment frequency varies depending on how sever your symptoms are and how severe the current hay fever season is. Effects of this treatment typically last between 3-4 months.

How much does the treatment cost?

The costs of botulinum toxin hay fever treatment can vary depending on the dosage required. All costs will be discussed during your consultation.

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