Blackheads-and our favourite blackhead-busting treatments.

Blackheads are essentially clogged hair follicles. The hair follicle gets filled with dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells and when these are exposed to the air it oxidises and turns a black colour.
Some skin types are more prone to the development of blackheads, and they are also more common on some areas of the face such as the nose and the T-zone generally.
Blackheads are tricky to get rid of permanently, they are something that we have to continue to treat to improve and prevent from getting worse.
How can we treat and prevent blackheads?
  • Chemical exfoliators, or serums that contain AHAs, BHAs or salicylic acid (The Skincare Company Exfoliant Serum)

  • Physical exfoliators or scrubs (ASAP Daily Facial Scrub)

  • Vitamin A serums or retinol (SkinCeuticals Retinol)

  • In-clinic chemical peels, facials and microdermabrasion treatments
  • Physical extraction – always best performed by a professional to avoid scarring
  • Carbon laser facial-helps to zap away blackheads
  • Wash your face morning and night with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type (no makeup wipes!)
  • Avoid comedogenic products, or products that contain ingredients known to cause blockages in the skin, e.g. lanolin, palm oil and coconut oil

Felicity West, RN