Introducing dermal therapist, Tegan Alexander

Southern Cosmetics Dermal Therapist

In October last year Tegan Alexander, a specialist in dermal therapy,  joined the Southern Cosmetics team. In this article, we ask her why she chose her career path and what she loves about her job. Tegan also shares details about a few of her passions outside of work (she’s a creative soul, this gal).

Why did you become a dermal therapist?

I started out as a beauty therapist and after a couple of years, I realised I was more skin focussed and results driven. I wanted to be able to do more for people, so I went on to study my bachelor degree in dermal therapy. It took four years and I graduated from Victoria University in 2015.

What do you love about your job in dermal therapy?

There’s lots to love. We work in a really nice environment; everyone I work with is great and I think it’s good that the doctors and nurses can inter-refer between each other and learn from one another. We are also attached to the medical clinic (Bluff Road Medical Centre), so we see different cases that other cosmetic clinics don’t see. Every clinic has different machinery and technology, and that makes it new and exciting.

Do you have any special areas of interest?

I do everything – I find it all rewarding.

What’s your approach during a consultation?

I like to take a holistic approach, but I also like to keep it simple. Sometimes when we’re looking at the skin, you have to look at the face as a whole or at someone’s lifestyle, or other things that may be affecting it. At the same time, I like a simple routine that’s easy to follow and gets results.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a bit artsy and creative, I like to paint and draw. I’m also into music and play a bit of bass guitar. I love being out in nature, going to the beach or going for random walks through the Dandenongs.

Any other passions?

I’m a big foodie. I love healthy, feel-good cafes like Serotonin in Burnely or Combi in Elwood.

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