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Lightstim For Wrinkles Led Light Therapy By Lightstim 0d4

Without our regular in clinic spruce-ups we are feeling a bit drab. Our cheeks are glowing… not in a good way, but from one too many Cab Savs. Not to mention a pimple or two from all the iso-snacks and baked treats. We are so happy to be back in the clinic offering a select few treatments, but it still may be a little while before thorough facials are back on the menu.

The Southern Cosmetics team have been chomping at the bit to get our hands on our newest arrival, and it is finally here! Yippee! Introducing the LightStim home LED device.

Light emitting Diode (LED) therapy has been around for a while and, if you ask us, is one of the most underrated treatments going. Originally developed by NASA to help regulate astronauts sleep cycles and keep them alert (have you ever tried drinking zero gravity coffee in a space suit? Very messy), it was soon discovered that targeted light at particular wavelengths also worked within the skin to:

  • reduce inflammation
  • help the skin heal
  • regulate oil flow
  • reduce unwanted bacteria
  • increase collagen and elastin
  • improve overall skin tone and texture

We love using LED within the clinic to help reduce post treatment healing time and bolster results of some of our gutsier therapies. But it can also be used as a stand-alone treatment for even the most sensitive or inflamed skin as it is super gentle, involving absolutely no down – time or discomfort.

Because it’s so safe and easy to use, we’re delighted that you are now able to choose between LightStim for Wrinkles or LightStim for Acne to perform your very own at-home treatments. As with our professional LED, they work well as a stand – alone, or to seriously elevate what we can achieve in house.

We also have a fantastic package, for the serious LED addict. 8 x In clinic LED treatments with a LightStim device of your choice to use at home.

RRP $740, Package price $500

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