How to slow the signs of ageing

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The signs of ageing on our skin are influenced by a broad range of factors; some, like genetics and the passing of time, are outside of our control. Fortunately, there are a number of lifestyle changes we can make to help keep our skin looking youthful and radiant for longer. Read on to learn how to slow the visible signs of ageing.

Minimise sun exposure

Damage from the sun’s UV rays is the biggest risk factor for premature signs of ageing.  Early signs of sun damage include increased pigmentation and dry, rough feeling skin. Where possible, avoid spending excess time in the sun, and always wear sunscreen on your face and other exposed skin, including your hands. Not all sunscreens are created equal, so if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, talk to our experts about finding the right sunscreen for your individual skin type to protect you from harmful rays without causing a breakout.

Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoking prevents your blood from flowing freely to your entire body, including your skin. This prevents your skin from receiving enough oxygen and essential nutrients from the bloodstream, which can lead to a dull, washed out complexion and cause lines and wrinkles to form and deepen over time.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol severely dehydrates the body, giving your skin a dry, deflated appearance with deeper and more noticeable lines and wrinkles. Overconsumption of alcohol also increases inflammation in the body, which can lead to skin problems such as puffiness, redness or increased breakouts. Try reducing how many drinks you have in one sitting or making sure you have an alcohol-free night a few times per week.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity increases blood flow to the entire body. This supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and removes waste and toxins from the bloodstream, cleansing your skin from the inside out. Exercise can also alleviate stress, which plays an important role in our skin. Stress can increase the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream, which can cause skin problems such as oiliness and acne.

Get regular treatments

Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t wait until you start noticing problems before booking in with one of our expert cosmetic therapists. Our treatments use the latest industry expertise to tailor a solution to your skin type, to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant at any age.

Invest in quality products with active ingredients

Using the right products for your skin is essential to maintaining its health and youthful glow. Products often claim to reduce wrinkles or other signs of ageing, but do not contain high enough concentrations of active ingredients to have a noticeable effect.

At Southern Cosmetics, all of our active skin care products are of the highest quality, and include effective anti-ageing ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), retinol and Vitamins A and C to promote youthful, healthy and glowing skin. To shop our range of cosmeceutical skin care and make up products, or for more information about how we can help you slow the signs of ageing, please drop by or give us a call.

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