Meet the 32 year old virgin

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I think it’s my clenched hands that give away the fact that I’m feeling nervous about what’s ahead. I am a virgin, after all. Thoughts run through my mind at a million miles an hour as I lie on the bed waiting in anticipation. “Will it hurt,” I wonder. “What will it feel like?” “Will there be blood?” Oh, I hope not.

An angelic voice stirs me from my panic. “How are you feeling?” she asks. Without sounding at all convincing I offer up a “fine thanks”, as she places protection over my eyes. It’s almost time and I can feel my heart pounding away in my chest. The voice warns me that this is going to feel ‘different’. It will be loud. There may be some heat and an unusual smell. I nod, bracing for the worst.

All of a sudden, there is indeed a strange smell and a popping noise. It sends me back to my childhood, to a time when I thought party poppers were the best thing since sliced bread. I can feel a very mild sensation that verges on warmth, but it’s not at all unpleasant. In fact, I think I’m enjoying it!

As our session continues, the voice soothes and reassures me, explaining what she is doing and why. When she tells me it’s almost over, I can’t believe it, but I’m actually wishing we had more time together.

As I sit up on the bed, I feel different. Transformed. A new me! I look in the mirror and my face is glowing. Everyone will know my little secret and what I’ve been up to! Or will they?

After all these years of hearing about the ‘L’ word, I finally understand the hype. I’m no longer a laser virgin, I’m a fully-fledged laser lover!

If you, too, want to experience the Carbon Laser Facial (it’s amazing!), here’s what’s involved:

  • Your face is cleansed twice.
  • An Osmosis polish is applied to exfoliate your skin.
  • Carbon cream is massaged into your skin for five minutes.
  • Protective shields are placed on your eyes.
  • The laser passes over your face. It’s attracted to pigment in the carbon and “pops” the carbon off the surface of the skin, taking away superficial layers as it goes.
  • Vitamin B, moisturiser and sunscreen is applied.
  • You hit the road with a beautiful glow!

To discover more about the ‘L’ word, please give us a call!

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