Universkin Solar Powder 14g


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Universkin Solar Powder has arrived! This glow promoting daily SPF50+ lightweight powder protects skin with proprietary technology, safeguarding luminosity while imparting a transparent finish. With a luxurious formulation that combines SPF and sheer coverage in one step, this is the go-to product for everyone all year round.

This powder guarantees a flawless complexion, effortlessly applied for perfectly even coverage, and quickly reapplied over makeup. It is suitable for all skin types and feels lightweight, leaving a soft touch. This innovative formula enriched with biomimetic peptides, not only shields your skin but also helps restore and optimize the skin’s natural functions and promote DNA repair. It comes with a washable brush, allowing easy cleaning and long-lasting use. Enhance your natural skin tones and revel in the matte finish it provides.

This lightweight mineral powder will leave skin protected and GLOWING!

Apply the powder by gently tapping the brush on the skin before finishing in circular motions for a perfectly homogeneous application. Close well after use.