A Helping Hand at Home…

Dec 20

To help you care for your skin during the next month or two while you can’t access our dermal therapists and in-clinic treatments, we have developed a range of products and peels that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Universkin home-based peels:

For those who use medical grade skin care, or who have been having regular skin treatments, it is unlikely that the home-based peels will actually cause any peeling. Skin may be slightly dry or possibly flaky a few days after performing the peel, but there is unlikely to be significant downtime

For people who are new to medical grade skincare, or who have not previously had any dermal therapy treatments, there is a possibility of flaky skin and some more obvious peeling.

  • This typically starts 3-5 days after performing the peel.
  • There may be a slight stinging sensation when the peel is applied, and for the first day or two after performing the peel, skin often feels a bit tight.
  • Skin then starts to dry out a bit and flaking starts a few days later.
  • After about a week, flaking has usually resolved, and skin should feels smoother and tighter generally.

For those performing these treatments regularly at home, the more treatments you do, the more your skin improves, and the less dryness and flakiness occurs.

There are 4 peels available;

  1. Pigment Blaster-for darker skin types with pigmentation and melasma.
  2. Age Defying (sensitive)-for wrinkles. sun damage and pigment spots
  3. Age Defying (Normal)-for wrinkles, sun damage and pigment spots
  4. Congestion Buster-for oily and acne-prone skin.
  5. Peel kits -which consist of the peel of your choice, combined with Universkin O cleanser, and Universkin serum H-a hyaluronic acid-based serum for additional moisture and hydration.

To order, you can email us [email protected]

ASAP Skin Products:

ASAP have also produced a great range of facials that can be done at home using ASAP skin products. These products can be purchased from our online store, or we can make up a small tub for you.

ASAP Clear Skin Mask:

Ideal for isolation skin care.

Skin can become as stressed as we feel, so this mask can help protect your skin from breakouts.

Mix equal amounts of Super B complex, Clear complexion gel, and Soothing gel

Massage into cleansed skin, can be left on overnight.

ASAP Ultracalming Facial:

For rosacea sufferers, people with sensitive skin, and anybody who wants a soothing facial. Also good for dry and dehydrated skin, but NOT suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

Mix together equal parts of Super B complex, DNA renewal treatment, Ultimate hydration, Soothing gel.

Apply to face, neck and decolletage, massage in and leave on overnight.

Can be applied 2-3 times per week.

ASAP Eye treatment:

Perfect for all skin types, helps improved tired eyes and dull skin around the eyes.

Apply 1/2 pump Firming eye lift around the eye area.

Mix together equal amounts Super B complex, DNA renewal treatment, Soothing gel

Apply to the under eye area with a clean brush

Apply 2-3 nights per week-can be left on overnight.

Osmosis Skincare:

Osmosis Purify

This cleanser is infused with bromelain, derived from pineapples, as well as orange and lemon essential oils.  It gently cleanses and exfoliates skin without removing the protective lipid barrier.

Osmosis Polish

Cranberry enzyme mask, suitable for all skin types. Rich in antioxidants and skin smoothing ingredients, Polish is a gentle way to exfoliate dead cells from the skin’s surface, making skin more radiant and smooth.

Can be used once or twice weekly depending on skin’s sensitivity.

Osmosis Immerse:

An intensely hydrating moisturiser. Suitable for dry, dehydrated skin, and to help calm skin and promote wound healing. Contains powerful antioxidants and barrier restoring natural lipids, including Raspberry oil, Vitamin E and Calendula.

The Skincare Company

TSCC AHA/BHA Facial Scrub

Helps polish the skin to achieve a clearer, brighter complexion. Contains exfoliating agents including salicylic acid, lactic acid and superfine biodegradable bamboo granules. Also contains a blend of botanicals and antioxidants to help revitalise the skin.

Use 2-3 times a week to exfoliate dead skin cells and help penetration of active products into the skin.

TSCC Exfoliant serum

Contains Lactic Acid and Salicylic acid for a smoother brighter complexion.

For thicker, oilier skin types, it can be used every second night. For finer, more sensitive skin, only use once or twice weekly.

Coming Soon…Sheet masks will be available for purchase as well as eye masks.


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