All you need to know about Hand Rejuvenation

Ipl Hands

Ever wondered why Madonna wears gloves all the time? No it’s not a fashion statement, or sun protection…. her hands give away her age. Basically, her hands don’t match her face!

Unfortunately our hands are often exposed to sun, hot water, detergents and all sorts of insults that contribute to brown spots, redness, wrinkles and an aged appearance.  Hands can also suffer from loss of volume and thinning skin as we get older.

At Southern Cosmetics, we have a number of solutions to help keep your hand looking youthful and reverse the signs of sun damage. Given that we are still limited in our ability to perform facial treatments at the moment (thanks Covid!), now is a good time to show your hands some love.


Hand washing, sanitiser and daily life can all leave the skin on our hands dry and irritated, they may even cause dermatitis.

ASAP make a soothing hand cream, to go along with their Sanitise me hand sanitiser.

We also recommend Universkin Baume if your hands are very dry and even suffering from dermatitis.

Of course, hands also need to be protected from the sun to prevent many of the ageing processes that concern us. Most sunscreens used on the face are suitable to be applied to the hands as well. Another great option is Universkin’s L sunbrush which can be crushed on the hands for added protection.

Nexultra L Sun brush

Brown Spot Removal

Most of us are very diligent about using sunscreen to protect our faces from sun damage, but often forget our hands. This can result in freckles and brown “age” spots. We can use either IPL or our Pastelle pigment laser to remove these brown spots, usually in only 1-2 treatsments.

Pastelle LaserPastelle Laser Hands


Photodynamic therapy can be used to treat premalignant skin lesions such as actinic keratoses, as well as some superficial forms of skin cancer.

Dermal Fillers and Biostimulators

Loss of volume in the hands is a common part of the overall ageing process. We can use either dermal fillers or biostimulators to recreate lost volume, and camouflage prominent veins and tendons which give hands that ropey look. Most people are suitable candidates for hand rejuvenation, and there is very little downtime, with only mild swelling and occasional bruising.

So hands up if your hands need some love!


Dr Jenny Kimmins

Cosmetic Physician.