Bridal Treatments – How to look your best on the BIG day!

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Spring is here and with 2022 feeling more optimistic than previous years, we’re noticing a very clear theme of Brides at our doors, asking what the best treatments are for prepping the skin for the special (and very photographed!) day.

The truth is every bride is different, however for all of them, we begin at the same place – a consult. During a consultation we primarily need to determine…

  • Goals / Concerns
  • Time line

Establishing your goals from the get-go is so important. This will include your primary concerns with your skin, what you would like to achieve for the day and what you can commit to (in regard to appointments, downtime, budgeting etc.). It is during this discussion that we will determine what treatments will achieve optimal results and what you and your skin will need during that process. Your goals will also help us determine a timeline.

The timeline will include both how many treatments we can fit in before the big day, how to space the treatments according to down time and other commitments and what we can achieve in that time. If you have a specific concern that needs addressing, for example acne, pigment, or scarring. This may require more than one treatment and a long-term treatment plan. We want as much time as possible to achieve your goals. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that after you get that ring .. come and see us!! During your consult we will detail your treatment timeline as best as possible (with room for adjustment of course), we will discuss where treatments fit in and what will be best in the months leading to the wedding vs. what will be best in the weeks leading to wedding.  We will also cover budget and if we can bundle/package costs. If you are also seeing us for injectables, we will also cover how and where to best time this within your treatments.

From here we go ahead and commence your plan! Sometimes it’s best to make all the appointment in advance and then leave the rest to us! You receive a text prior to every appointment, you will receive support and correspondence from your therapist should you need it, and your treatment plan will always include a bespoke home care regime to help you achieve the perfect bridal glow!

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Some treatments we LOVE for Brides-To-Be include

Laser Genesis


Chemical Peels

Skin Needling

The final weeks before your wedding we tend to follow a similar format ..

LED … followed by LED and then a little LED.

LED is a non-invasive, zero down time treatment that works on a cellular level to promote collagen, settle inflammation, and can even fight acne bacteria. Red light in particular, increases cellular renewal, stimulates collagen and assists with blood flow, giving the skin a healthy glow!


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In the month prior to your wedding, we don’t want to do anything that requires down time or healing, we don’t want to stimulate the skin too much. LED is the perfect treatment to optimise skin health, maintain and boost results from your treatment whilst still being gentle enough to do leading up to the big day.

We recommend the final 5 weeks before the big day following this format:

5 weeks until wedding:
Laser Genesis + LED

4 weeks until wedding:
2 LED’s a week.



    Another thing to remember is that sometimes it’s not only the bride that is looking to get great skin for the day! We have so many bridesmaids, mothers of the groom, mother of the bride and even grooms come in wanting to discuss how to get that wedding glow! We love helping every client reach their skin goals every day, but helping you feel a little more special on the most special day is a little extra treat!

    Author: Nela Plecic, Dermal Therapist