Getting to know Dr Kristen Johansen

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Our Dr Kristen is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a gifted cosmetic doctor, she is also a talented musician and a mean cook. Find out more about Dr Kristen as we celebrate her one-year anniversary with Southern Cosmetics!


How did your career lead you to Southern Cosmetics?


I was a hospital doctor and I realised I loved doing procedures. I was fascinated by plastic surgery, so I started working with a plastic surgeon in Melbourne. Last year, I trained with two of the top cosmetic doctors in the world – one in London and one in Milan, learning about total face injectables and non-surgical nose jobs with fillers. I’ve always been interested in faces – I’ve always loved portraiture and doing makeup and that’s how I ended up getting into facial cosmetics.

What are your special areas of interest?

I have my own special technique of doing lips that I call the “anatomical lip enhancement”. I like to highlight the lip with a very natural finish (using fillers), staying true to the anatomy of the lip, rather than filling a lip blindly. It results in a plumper version of the patient’s natural lip.

I do quite a lot of non-surgical facelifts as well, using a combination of techniques. I also do a lot of prescribing of cosmeceuticals or prescription skin care. Virtually all of my patients are on at least one prescription skin care compound – I formulate them specifically for the patients and get them made up.

What do you love about working at Southern Cosmetics?

I love the patients. I see my patients really benefit in their overall sense of wellbeing from having small aesthetic alternations. They might have a hang-up about something, but it’s quite easy for me to fix and suddenly their confidence increases. I really love seeing that. We have lots of fun too.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I play the piano and I’m really into healthy cooking. I cook organic, paleo-style food. I also love being out in nature and I have a toy poodle who I love hanging out with.

Dr Kristen is available for consultations on Mondays and Fridays. Please give us a call to book. You can also find details about all of our latest specials here:


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