Let’s talk about Necks

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Is your neck part of your anti-ageing routine?

So many of us are amazing at performing the ideal morning and night routine, applying all the collagen boosting, anti-ageing products to our faces to maintain our skin but so often forget our necks, and it shows! Regardless of how youthful and glowy our facial skin looks, if your neck doesn’t match you’ve lost the battle. Our necks actually require just as much TLC as our faces if not MORE!

There are a few reasons for this: 

Our face is made of many bones that give our face shape, structure and importantly support. Unlike the face, the neck has minimal bony structures, besides our spine it’s all muscle and skin. And the mobility of the neck area, means the skin is constantly being stretched as we look around.

Also, the skin of the neck is naturally thinner than that of the face, it has less hair follicles and oil glands and collagen ie: less substructure to hold it up. With less Collagen to provide structural support and prevent wrinkling and sebum (our skin’s natural oil) for hydration the neck is prone to ageing faster than the face.  

Furthermore, as we age the fat pads in our face and jawline shrink, changing from voluminous smooth padding to little “clumps” that then start to drop as our connective tissue weakens. In the upper face fat deposition decreases however in the lower face it increases so not only do the fat pads beneath the chin and jawline drop we also gain fat tissue in this area. Combine this with the effects of gravity and change in muscle tone and activity the result is often a heavy unsupported and undesired neck. Exactly what we don’t want.

So knowing all this, what can we do to prevent the dreaded turkey neck?

The neck is a notoriously tricky to treat, however there are several options available to keep your neck looking youthful.  


The first and easiest option of the lot is SUNSCREEN. Unfortunately our necks are often neglected when it comes to product application and are often exposed to damaging UV rays. Using SPF daily is one of the simplest and greatest ways to protect your neck against premature ageing. 

If you are already starting to see the signs of ageing or just want to be more proactive in prevention, more targeted products designed specifically for the unique concerns of the neck are required. We love Revision skincare Nectifirm cream or a custom designed neck serum by Universkin. 

Depending on the current condition of your neck, skincare alone may not be enough to achieve desired outcome, we always recommend combining products with treatments for best results. 


Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to help smooth out the skin of the neck, and some of the skin-boosting dermal fillers and collagen stimulators can also help strengthen the delicate skin of the neck.

Another option is PRP (platelet rich plasma), or even PDO monthreads.

Ultraformer III:

A non-invasive High intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) device that delivers concentrated waves of ultrasound energy up to 4.5mm deep into the skin  to contract collagen fibres and promote long-term collagen growth improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as lifting and tightening the face and upper neck. Usually two treatments required, may be combined with other treatments for best results. 

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The Secret:


The Secret is a Radiofrequency Microneedling device lifts, tightens and rejuvenates skin. The combination of radiofrequency and needling induces collagen production within the dermis and tightens elastin fibers. The skin-rejuvenating results are visible immediately, while the lifting and tightening effects can be seen within three to six months. For optimal results, a series of treatments is required, usually, three to six treatments are performed, at six weeks intervals. 

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Laser resurfacing

The Fotona Twinlight laser combines both Nd:YAG (non ablative) and Er:YAG (erbium) laser for ultimate skin rejuvenation. The Nd:YAG heats the deeper laser of the skin increasing production of collagen and elastin fibres helping to rebuild the superficial layers of the skin and stimulating skin tightening. The Erbium laser ablates precise microchannels into the skin stimulating the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, tighter and younger looking skin. There is downtime involved with this treatment, multiple treatments may be required. 

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