My Mother of the Bride Wedding Preparation Journey

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My eldest daughter got engaged in June 2022 to her long-term partner, and as my daughter went into wedding planning mode, I went straight into MOTB skin preparation mode!

While there are some “quick fix” treatments we can do in the weeks leading up to a special event, it is great if you have the opportunity to work hard on your skin for 6-12 months, as you will definitely see better results over the long term.

I had neglected my skin a bit during Covid, as I was not able to have any treatments for much of 2020 and 2021, and we had a couple of very stressful years with lockdowns and clinic closures which wreaked havoc on my overall general and skin health.

What I decided to do was a monthly skin treatment leading up to the wedding, combined with my usual skincare and injectable treatments.

One of my favourite treatments is a Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation treatment combined with a restorative peel and a Healite LED. It’s a great pre-event treatment, but also amazing for long term skin maintenance, not to mention relaxing as well!

I also underwent a couple of more intensive treatments with our Lase MD Ultra fractional resurfacing laser and the Secret RF skin needling device. The Lase MD Ultra removes surface imperfections and sun damage changes, and can also improve skin texture. The Secret RF combines micro needling and radio frequency, which aids in skin rejuvenation and can improve skin tightness and elasticity.

I have regular anti-wrinkle treatments every 3-4 months, and dermal fillers usually once or twice a year, so I kept this up, and had my final anti-wrinkle treatment 3 weeks before the wedding.

I also added in the new bio remodelling injections to my face and neck, and also treated the skin of my upper arms to try and improve texture and laxity.

My regime:


  • Universkin O cleanser
  • Universkin customised serums with retinol, Isoflavones (for menopausal skin) and SOD (an antioxidant)
  • Southern Cosmetics Private Label Niacinamide 15%serum
  • Biopelle Tensage Radiance eye cream
  • Profhilo Haenkenium moisturiser for face and neck
  • The Skincare Company Daily Defence SPF 50 moisturiser with sunscreen

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Deluxe Laser Facial x 5 sessions 6 weekly over a 9 month period

  • Laser Genesis
  • Plump and Restore Peel
  • Healite LED

Lase MD Ultra Fractional Resurfacing

  • 1 session to décolletage
  • 2 sessions to face

Secret™ Micro-needling

  • 1 session to neck and décolletage
  • 1 session to full face

Anti-wrinkle injections

  • 4 monthly anti-wrinkle injections, with the last treatment 3 weeks prior to the wedding

Dermal fillers

  • 1 treatment to mid-face and lateral cheeks in December 2022

Bio-remodelling injections

  • 2 x neck treatments
  • 2 x lower face treatments
  • 2 x upper arm treatments

Dermal blading with the amazing Libbi Herries

  • 3 sessions monthly in January, Feb and March pre-wedding.

The results:Img 1941

I feel that overall my skin is brighter and more even in colour, and I’ve seen some subtle improvement in fine lines and laxity.

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Picture 2

I am also really happy with the improvement in the texture and tone of my arms, hopefully later this year we will have a new formulation of the bio- remodelling injections specifically for body areas.

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It definitely takes a village, and I am very lucky to work with a great team of practitioners at Southern Cosmetics. The majority of my skin treatments were performed by Nela, our fabulous Dermal Therapist. My injectable treatments were performed by our nurses, Felicity and Prue. Our other fabulous doctors, Dr Sara and Dr Kristen performed my bio-remodelling face and neck treatments, and Dr Myn did my bio-remodelling treatments to the arms.

I also see a wonderful Dermal Therapist Libbi Herries, who specialises in dermal blading for removal of fine hairs and general skin rejuvenation which makes your make-up sit better. (Call us at the clinic 9533 1100 for her details).

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Author (and MOTB):  Dr Jenny Kimmins