Skin secrets of a Dermal Therapist

Skin Secrets Of A Dermal Therapist

At Southern Cosmetics, we draw on our professional knowledge, university training, and personal experience when prescribing treatments and products. That’s right – we too suffer from skin concerns, and can often empathise with our patients. In this article, dermal therapist Tegan Alexander reveals details about her own personal battle with pigmentation, and the treatments she can personally vouch for.

What are your skin concerns?

I’ve always had pigmentation. From my own experience, I can relate to people who have those concerns.

What are your favourite treatments?

Treatment #1: Laser Skin Toning for Pigmentation (with the Pastelle laser)

I like that it’s a no downtime treatment, but I also find it quite effective. It doesn’t just treat pigment; you also get nice collagen stimulation and rejuvenation benefits as well. Afterwards you have a gorgeous glow, and feel fresh and smooth.

I had my first treatment three years ago and now I have maintenance every two to three months. If it’s summer or I’ve been on a holiday and I feel like my pigment’s popped out, I try to have treatments at monthly intervals to knock it down.

For further details about Laser Skin Toning for Pigmentation.

Treatment #2: IPL

IPL is really great, especially for the fairer skin types. Unlike the Pastelle, you do get a bit of downtime in terms of the pigment looking darker and that redness and sunburnt feeling afterwards. However, it gives amazing results and you get a real ‘wow’ factor with the IPL. I feel like clients come back for it because within a week or two, you see a really big change.

Find out more about IPL.

Treatment #3: Chemical Peels 

For general brightness of the skin, chemical peels are another good treatment. They are a really great way to complement the heavier treatments with the lasers.

Chemical peels give you instant brightening and assist with the long-term process of treating and preventing pigment. We have a range of chemical peels, and different ones will suit different skin concerns. Most of them have some property to help with pigmentation.

Read more about our chemical peels.

What’s your go-to pigmentation product?

Asap Radiance Serum
asap Radiance Serum

You can’t go past having a good pigment product. A retinol or vitamin A product will help keep lifting pigment out of the skin. Using a serum that is a tyrosinase-inhibitor will also help prevent the formation of new pigmentation.

A really good one for pigment is Radiance Serum by ASAP. It has acids that give you brightening effects and keep you smooth. It also helps prevent normal ageing signs like fine lines, plus pigmentation.

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