Skincare during pregnancy

Skincare During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting, awe-inspiring time in a woman’s life. It’s also a time of significant hormonal change, with rising levels of estrogen, progesterone and other hormones that help prepare the body for childbirth.  This can cause a range of symptoms including nausea, sore joints, increased appetite, and significant changes to the skin.

During pregnancy, many women notice skin changes such as increased pigmentation, varicose veins, dry skin, increased body hair and acne. Most of these changes will revert to normal once the baby is born, however it can be distressing to suddenly experience pigmented, puffy or acne-prone skin.

Cosmetic treatments such as facials can be a great way to relax during pregnancy whilst helping your skin stay vibrant and healthy. However, there are some types of treatments that are not recommended for expecting mothers. Here’s everything you need to know about safe skincare during pregnancy.

What to avoid

Products and treatments that use Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and BHAs) are best avoided during pregnancy. As their names suggest, these products are highly acidic, making them an effective chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. These substances may be harmful to your baby, so it’s best to use non-chemical exfoliating products when pregnant. BHAs are often found in over-the-counter skin products and are sometimes referred to as salicylic acid, so be careful to check the ingredients list of any products you use throughout your pregnancy.

Products containing benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone, and vitamin A-derived ingredients such as retinol are also not recommended for pregnant women. These products can absorb into the body through the skin, and may pose a risk of birth complications.

Anti-ageing injectables and Cooltech body sculpting are also off-limits during pregnancy, and women should be cautious of treatments such as saunas or hot body wraps which raise the mother’s temperature. This is because the foetus cannot regulate its own temperature in utero and is therefore at greater risk of overheating.

Safe skincare treatments

The good news is that you don’t need to give up skincare treatments altogether. Always inform your practitioner that you are pregnant, and ensure you go to a reputable medical cosmetic clinic such as Southern Cosmetics. All of our treatments are conducted by qualified cosmetic doctors and university-trained dermal therapists and nurses who will work with you to find a skin treatment that is effective, suitable and safe for you and your baby.

Facials including gentle cleansing, exfoliation and hydration are safe during pregnancy and can alleviate skin dryness or dullness. In the past, laser treatments were not done on pregnant women, however it is now considered safe to have mild laser treatments when expecting. LED light rejuvenationis a non-invasive treatment for acne and scarring, and an excellent option for women experiencing pesky pregnancy breakouts.

Always ask a professional about skincare during pregnancy

There is a lot of misinformation about skincare during pregnancy, so please get in touch with Southern Cosmetics and our expert staff will make sure treatments are safe for you and your child. We have plenty of options that will leave you looking and feeling your best, without any nasty side effects. Please contact us to discuss your skin concerns, and our expert doctors will tailor a safe and effective treatment plan that meets your unique needs.


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