How Southern Cosmetics helped a Black Rock teenager to combat his acne and regain his confidence

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Meet Tim. Tim is a promising soccer player with big plans to become an architect and a charming nature to boot.

When you first speak to the 18-year-old Black Rock local, he appears to have a quiet confidence beyond his years, but that wasn’t always the case. Like many young people, Tim has battled acne throughout his teenage years and suffered the inevitable self-esteem blows that often go hand-in-hand with the condition.

In 2014, Tim started seeing our dermal therapist, Dawn Goddard, and began a course of microdermabrasion treatments. His skin cleared up initially, but in 2015, after a trip to Italy, his acne flared up to the point where it was really affecting his confidence, and he asked his parents to book him in at Southern Cosmetics once again.

“I couldn’t even walk down the main corridor, I was that embarrassed,” Tim said.

Dawn put him on a course of microdermabrasions and peels, as well as Laser Genesis treatments to combat and help prevent scarring. She explained the importance of a daily skincare routine and provided advice about acne-combatting skincare products.

In addition, Dawn used our Fotona Twinlight laser to treat both the acne and the scarring. The non-ablative procedure, which causes two to three days of redness and up to a week of mild peeling, achieved astounding results. “We’ve done four of those treatments, and his skin has just cleared up out of sight,” said Dawn.

“We were expecting it to work for the scarring, but it has really cleared the acne as well. “It’s always amazing when you see people’s confidence improve – that’s what we’re in it for and what makes us get out of bed in the morning.”

Tim said he was impressed by the continuity of care he had received at Southern Cosmetics, and he could not thank Dawn enough.

“I’ve always had this trust in Dawn, and it’s definitely made my journey a lot easier,” he said. “Dawn has helped me so much along the way and it’s been nice to have someone to go through it with.

“I’ve gotten to the point where even after laser and chemical peels I can walk down that hallway and know that my face is going to get better and everything’s going to be okay.

“I’m a very emotional person, so it was hard for me, but now I feel much better about myself and about my skin, and even my knowledge of how the skin works.”

At Southern Cosmetics, our cosmetic doctors and university-trained dermal therapists take pride in helping our clients to feel confident in their own skin.

We offer a range of acne treatments, including the revolutionary Kleresca light-based acne treatment program, which involves 12 treatments, twice a week for six weeks using LED light and a biophotonic gel. Treatments are comfortable, with minimal side effects, and improvements in moderate and even severe acne start from six weeks and can be maintained for over six months.

Whether you need advice about how to tackle your acne, treat existing scarring, or any other skin concerns, we are here to help. For a skin consultation, please get in touch.

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