Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer Skin Care Essentials (1)

Summer is here ( Sort of … we do live in Melbourne).  Days at the beach, Christmas parties and trips away! Also heat waves, UV damage and sweaty nights.

Essentials (1)Let’s chat summer skin care …
You want to keep things light this summer, you’ll be wearing SPF more frequently, sweating and in general feeling that heat. So, keeping the skin nourished without feeling “caked” is key. You also want to continue to treat, renew and soothe your skin during the harsher days .A couple of ways to do this …

Lighter Mornings 
Instead of using your serums plus a moisturiser PLUS an SPF in the morning, lets simplify and lighten the load. If you’re using our beautiful range of SPF’s – you’ll know they are packed full of hydrating and nourishing skin loving actives, so whilst we’re keeping it light, let your SPF do two jobs in summer, hydrate and protect.

Some serums you want to make sure you are using to ensure this change doesn’t deplete or dehydrate your skin are:

  • B3 – Niacinamide helps balance hydration and oil flow, it protects you skin from water loss and restores the barrier.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, light weight and super hydrating.
  • Vitamin C – Free radical damage can cause dull and lacking complexion, unhealthy looking skin, premature ageing and pigmentation. A powerful Vitamin C is a necessity in the Australian sun.
  • Pigment Protection – We have a range of ingredients that help block pigment, if uneven skin is a concern, you want to make sure you have an added layer of protection under your SPF.

Recover and Renew at Night …
This is where your moisturiser comes back into the fold! The evening is where your skin recovers and renews for the day ahead. Make sure you are using:

  • An ingredient to help with cell turn over, depending on the skin this might be Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid or even an exfoliating peptide.
  • Repairing ingredients, Vitamin B5 or E or even peptides are great for this.
  • Moisturiser, to sooth and rehydrate, also to protect if you are sleeping with a fan or air conditioning.

Cleanse and Repeat
SPF, sweat and make up are not a good combo. You’ll want a fresh clean face end of the day to apply you evening regime. Our favourite cleansers that really wipe away the whole day without depriving the skin are:

  • SkinCeuticals Simply Clean for Normal, Oily or Combination skin.
  • Universkin O Cleanser for Normal, Dry or Combination skin.

Finally ever find your skin feeling hot and tight during the day? We have a fantastic hydrating and refreshing solution:

  • Universkin Mist. A soothing, protective and balancing serum to instantly relieve and rehydrate the skin and skin barrier. Great for a hot day refresh, rehydrating after being in an air-conditioned office or to soothe eczema prone skin. Can be applied over make up, definitely one to keep in the hand bag this summer!

New Products to take note of…

FillMED Skin Perfusion Range – We have just taken on an exciting new skin care range perfect for anti ageing and skin health!

C-Light Serum
A potent, light weight antioxidant ideal for radiating tired or dull skin.

30ml C Light Serum

HAB5-Hydra Serum
Smooths, replenishes and hydrates.

Hab5 Hydra Serum















 5HP-Youth Cream
A fantastic anti ageing moisturiser that improves water balance, stimulates collagen synthesis and leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth and supple.

5hp Youth Cream
GR-Youth Mask
An at home treatment mask packed with gentle, plumping and brightening ingredients.
Treat yourself once a week with a boost of radiance and hydration. Great for the day before an event!


Gr Youth Mask


Pigment Protection
So many clients come to see us about pigment. Whilst many pigment treatments can be on hold during the summer months, you still need to ensure your skin is protected not just with an SPF but with targeted ingredients to block further pigment. Have a chat to our experienced practitioners about pigment blockers this summer.

Our current favourite is utilising pigment blockers within a bespoke Universkin serum. Meaning we can create a custom blend of ingredients just for your skin and incorporate a pigment blocker within that serum.


Author: Nela Plecic, Dermal Clinician